Solterra EcoLuxury Apartments

The Solterra company logo that uses a green and orange leaf and sun image for the "o." The whole logo reads "Solterra EcoLuxury Apartments."

Commercial Case Study

Solterra EcoLuxury Apartments


Solterra EcoLuxury Apartments wanted to not only be an upscale apartment
complex, but also one focused on 100% sustainability and eco-friendly


H.G. Fenton Co. and HES Solar created a groudbreaking solar
design which provides Solterra EcoLuxury Apartments with a 100% offset of
all the entire complex’s energy needs; including all common areas and
tenents’ usage.

Customer Benefit

Tenents of Solterra EcoLuxury Apartments can now take advantage of netzero utility costs as well a 100% offset of public amenity electricity costs,
reducing rental rates without compromising quality of living. H.G. Fenton Co
is taking advantage of zero common area electric costs which gives them a
more attractive, eco-friendly image.

“Every community we create is designed with the wants and needs of our customers in mind. Our residents tell us that conserving energy and saving money on their electricity bill is important to them. Solterra is the first apartment community in San Diego to derive all the electricity residents need for daily living from the sun.”

Mike Neal
H.G. Fenton’s President and CEO

Quick Facts

Groundbreaking EcoLuxury at its Finest

When H.G. Fenton Co. first started their plans for Solterra EcoLuxury Apartments in Scripps Ranch, they decided a long term investment in sustainabilty and eco-living would be a priority.

In addition to energy efficient appliances, the complex features garages pre-wired for electric vehicles, drip-irrigation landscaping, and smart thermostats in each of their 114 units.

While under construction, H.G. Fenton partnered with HES Solar to help make their eco-dreams into a reality. Never before had a project in California integrated Virtual Net Metering (VNEM) into an apartment community such as this. HES Solar was able to create a special metering system (VNEM) which gives each of the 114 units an alotted amount of energy produced by the solar system and meters each individually, as well as the on site amenities.

HES Solar was able to achieve offsetting 100% of Solterra’s energy consumption by installing three different types of solar arrays. Panels have been installed on the complex’s roofs, on a large groundmount near the south end of the property, and atop carport
structures, which also provide shade and protection for tenents’ vehicles.

Utilizing many different facets of sustainabilty, Solterra was able to achieve its goal of creating a luxurious, eco-friendly living environment for its community members. HES Solar helped them attain these objectives by finding a way to distribute energy from the sun evenly among Solterra’s 114 units and common areas and ultimately helping Solterra EcoLuxury Apartments become San Diego’s first Zero Net Energy apartment complex.

A multi-family building with a commercial solar system on the rooftops.
Photo of a large array of solar panels in a ground mount under a balcony. There is also carport solar panel array in the background.
A commercial solar system in San Diego that is composed of several small solar arrays on top of a condo unit.

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Robert Laverty

Senior Energy Consultant, Residential

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