Office Buildings


Office Buildings

Commercial properties contend with many variables to keep offices efficient and profitable. A commercial solar system can take high and fluctuating energy costs out of the equation and return control and higher profitability to building owners. Tenant energy use matches up ideally with solar production and the experts at HES Solar can show you how a properly designed and built solar array can meet all your building’s energy needs. You’ll be impressed with the short payback period a solar or solar with storage commercial system can deliver. HES Solar will develop a solar power energy system tailored to your building’s and tenants’ needs designed around your property’s unique layout and available space. We’re a local company with commercial solar installation experience to ensure you get the right system for decades of clean energy production.

We’ll guide you through the Investment Tax Credit’s (ITC) 26% tax credit, the Self Generated Incentive Program (SGIP) rebate, the Federal Bonus Depreciation which allows 100% of the allowable tax basis to be deducted in the first year, the California MACRS Depreciation which allows treatment of your solar project as a depreciable asset, and we’ll show you more benefits that augment the energy cost savings of a solar system as well as how pairing solar with other property improvements can add to the financial advantages.

Many businesses today seek out ways to ensure renewable energy use, and there’s no better, more direct, and more efficient way for tenants to accomplish that than through the use of on-site rooftop or carport solar systems. Solar is a significant draw for new tenants as well as an excellent tenant retention motivator. With all the wins that solar provides it makes good business sense to let us show you the incredible opportunities this cost-saving green energy can provide to your building.

Some of our Office Building solar projects include:

  • Parking Garage Top Solar in North County
  • SouthBay Urgent Care
  • Hennes, Jerry – Orthodontist
  • Winet Associates
  • MDA
  • Job Elephant
  • Bernardo View Properties

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We are a San Diego-based solar energy production and energy storage installation company. We have been an energy innovator since 2001 and can handle projects from solar-only arrays to micro-grid solar and storage systems with on-site EV charging stations. 

If you’re looking into the benefits of on-site energy production, energy storage, or EV Charging capability, we’d love to speak with you. We’ll show you how to lower and stabilize energy costs, receive the maximum incentives, open new revenue streams, and gain control over one of the largest expenses of your business or commercial property. 

Click here to be contacted by an HES Renewables representative, or simply dial us at 866-HES-RNEW (866-437-7639).

Robert Laverty

Senior Energy Consultant, Residential

Robert Laverty joined the HES team in the summer of 2018, bringing his ten years of solar design experience and his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Puget Sound with him. Robert is dedicated to finding solutions to help families produce and store electricity in order to reduce their reliance on grid power as well as help reduce their household’s carbon footprint. Robert’s experience as a newspaper editor as well as his involvement with the sustainability-focused Rocky Mountain Institute drives him to constantly seek out innovative ways to meet energy needs through renewable resources as well as helps him share those ideas with Southern California homeowners. When not at work or volunteering time with his church or community, Robert spends time with his wife and two sons or pursues his passion of fly fishing.
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