If It’s Right for California Are You Asking, “Should I get a home battery?”

Home Battery. Should you get one if you are a San Diego homeowner

California will be installing Energy Storage Systems at twelve locations in San Diego county. The projects will protect California businesses and residents from power outages and allow more use of renewable energy. The details are well-detailed in Rob Nikolewski’s San Diego Union Tribune article of 12.28.21. This major investment brings up a question you might be asking, “Should I get a home battery?” 

The San Diego County project is getting underway. Some of the energy storage systems are set to be operational by April 2022. After that, a total of 12 energy storage facilities should be in place before the close of 2023. The total project size will be 165 megawatts and 336 megawatt-hours.  

The state will be able to use more renewable energy because of the energy storage systems. Solar panels are a great source of clean energy, however, they only produce when the sun is out. The Renewable Portfolio Standard sets goals for the type of clean energy that powers California. This program set the goal of 60% renewable energy use in the state by 2030. Additionally, the program calls for 100% carbon-free energy use before 2045. 

Should I Get a Home Battery? 

These storage projects tackle renewable energy use at the state level. A question we often get from San Diego homeowners is if they should get a home storage system.  

SunVault home battery installed on the side of a house

A home battery provides seamless power during any sort of grid shutdown. As a result you might not even notice a short grid failure. This is because the system switches to battery power almost instantaneously. San Diego has had its fair share of power outages. Unfortunately, Southern California is likely to have many more electricity disruptions. Energy storage provides convenience for households that don’t rely on electricity. Also, people who work from home need reliable power. A home battery provides insurance to prevent a home office shut down. For residents who have a medical need for continuous electricity, however, a battery can be critical. 

The Best Home Storage System for You

If the answer is “yes” to “Should I get a home battery?” then the next question is, “What battery should I get?” There are some outstanding choices today. The SunPower SunVault provides high capacity energy storage. In fact, SunVault provides up to twice the storage as competitors’ home battery systems. SunVault integrates perfectly into an existing or new SunPower system. We’re a SunPower Master Dealer. This is a coveted invitation-only level of partnership we happily accepted. As a result, you know we believe in the SunPower line. Possibly best of all, SunVaults are available now. As a result of the high demand, home batteries had a waiting period for supply to catch up with demand. But we are able to get SunVaults now and install them in a relatively short time period. 

The Tesla Powerwall is another top contender for the best home battery. We’re a Certified Tesla Energy installer for both commercial and residential Tesla Energy system installations. Tesla Powerwalls turned home storage mainstream once homeowners saw the benefits of a home battery. 

Both of these home battery options are installed downstream from the solar inverter. Because of that, they rectify AC power into DC power for storage and invert it back when it is discharged. There are also home batteries available that store the electricity as DC power upstream from the inverters. One great benefit of downstream batteries is the flexibility to add them after a solar system is installed. Secondly, more of the SunVault or Tesla style batteries can be added to the system to expand storage capacity. 

There are incentives and credits available. We have residential and commercial teams ready to answer any specific questions. Therefore, if you are a Southern California homeowner or business owner, please contact us for more information. 

More Advantages to a Home Battery 

A home battery offers another big advantage besides just energy storage. A rooftop solar system or ground mount solar system connected with a home battery can operate in an ‘island state.’ Because of this, the solar produces electricity even in the event of a grid shut down. 

This might mean you host the big game on TV during a power outage. But on the more serious side, your home can sustain itself in the event of a long-term power outage. 

The question, “Should I get a home battery?” brings many strong reasons in favor of a home battery. The recent Southern California project aims at efficient (and more) use of renewable energy at a state-wide level. A home battery can mean more of your own (free) solar energy use, and also provide some benefits you might not have thought about until now. 

If you’re just starting your path to energy independence, or are looking to increase your ability to manage the power you produce, please contact us to get the specific details for your exact needs. 


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