How to Find a New Solar Company in San Diego

find a new solar company, San Diego

Are you trying to find the best solar company in San Diego for your first solar system? Or maybe you’ve had solar at a previous home and now you’re looking for a new solar company to install your solar panels. As with any home project, installing a solar system is a big decision therefore the choice of the right solar installer is an important one. But unlike other home remodeling projects, for example a ‘new kitchen,’ a solar instal is a profitable proposition. A solar system will lower your electric bill enough to pay for itself in just a few years. Yet it’s a minor home construction project and you want to find the best solar professionals. Find the right solar company and the project will be a pleasure from the start. Get the right solar equipment installed properly and the project will be a pleasure for decades. Get both and it’s win-win. You can have a great system, installed efficiently, that will deliver decades of lower home energy bills. 

For any solar project in Southern California, consider HES Solar. HES Solar is a solar innovator. We’ve been installing solar panels since 2001. We’re just wrapping up our 20th year as a top San Diego solar company and for anyone experienced or even new to solar we think you’ll find HES Solar your best choice. Maybe your research to find a new solar company led you here. We may be a new solar company to you but we have 20 years of solar building experience in San Diego.

Growing Solar Company

And HES Solar is still growing. We’ve recently had an especially strong year and a half of growth and are continuing to expand to cover more rooftops with solar panels. Our residential division has had some exciting changes that lead to the company growth, and growing stronger has led to even more assurance that HES Solar will be around for any future solar questions or needs you have. While some companies have shut down, HES Solar expanded its service department. This helps all solar homes. Existing solar systems left without an installer can get anything they need from HES Solar. If you’re looking for a dependable solar company in San Diego, you’ve found the right company. HES Solar is a strong, reliable, full-service solar company. 

Going hand in hand with our recent company growth, we increased our partnership level with SunPower. The biggest solar equipment company in the world offered HES Solar a Master Dealer partnership. HES Solar accepted, and thus strengthened its relationship with the solar panel manufacturer. The offer came after SunPower vetted HES Solar for outstanding work and customer satisfaction. The SunPower Master Dealer offer is very exclusive. They only extend it when they find a new solar company that’s reached the right level of quality and care. You’ll see HES solar vehicles and installers in the SunPower Master Dealer look. That’s the “SunPower by HES Solar” we proudly wear on our work trucks, cars, shirts and hats. At a glance we might like like a brand new solar company, but we’re the same group, with the same management and ownership, that’s been building San Diego solar since 2001.

Local Solar Company

It’s worth pointing out that not only are we a local company, we’re family-owned. The company was started by a doctor with a passion for solar. You can read his story about creating a new solar company on our blog page. Since then, the company founder, Mr. Learn, has retired and sold the company to a trusted friend and former employee. Ross Williams has since led the company to great success. The family-owned nature of the company has kept the great ‘small business’ customer attention. The highest level of SunPower partnership has given the solar company the strength brough from the top solar equipment producer.

Stable Solar Company

HES Solar gains stability with its three different solar departments. Residential solar focuses on San Diego homes. Our residential territory is growing (more on that below). Our Commercial solar territory stretches farther and is a top commercial solar company for all of Southern California. We have some interesting commercial projects up toward central California and beyond. Our reputation often puts us on the radar when businesses are looking for a new solar company in their territory. We’re established in San Diego since 2001, but we can serve as a new solar company option in more northern areas of California. 

Find a new solar company in San Diego

HES Solar also has a developing service department. Our solar service department is growing. Some of our new customers have an existing solar system that was installed by another solar company. Maybe that solar company has closed its doors and gone out of business. This unfortunately leaves those solar customers without a solar company for questions, service, or additions. HES Solar knows all the solar equipment that’s been on the market for the past two decades. We have the knowledge and talent to service any solar equipment. We require only that the solar system was permitted and installed professionally. 

If you lost your solar company due to a business closure, please give us a call. We will evaluate your solar system and the installation job and can help you with any future solar needs. As one door opens, another door closes, so please consider HES Solar if you need to find a new solar company. Regardless of whether that is through your solar installer closing down or if you’re just not totally happy with your previous solar system installer.

Home Battery Installation

Another aspect that gives HES Solar stability and strength is the myriad of products we offer. Homeowners looking to pair solar panels with a home battery will find HES Solar a full service installer. Some San Diego residents may want home energy storage even without producing solar energy, thus we have the option of a stand-alone home battery installation. We are a SunPower Master Dealer therefore we’re the perfect company to install your SunPower Sunvault energy storage system. We also are certified Tesla Powerwall installers. 

A home battery also allows a home solar system to operate in an island state. This allows the solar panels to continue to produce electricity during a power outage. When the grid is down, the battery can be set up to power critical circuits and the solar panel array can continue to produce electricity for the home. 

 Our commercial division often includes large scale ESS, or Energy Storage Systems with our commercial solar projects. This allows businesses to store energy they produce and use it to lower peak demand. Solar and on-site energy storage systems allow companies to lower their energy costs, control how and when they use their power, and insulate themselves from the rising cost of utility electricity. A commercial solar system with a commercial battery gives businesses more freedom, more flexibility, and large energy cost savings. The systems also allow battery energy cost planning to free up the business’ budget for company growth. And when solar businesses grow into an additional location, they often make it their first priority to find a new solar company in that area to install a commercial solar system. If you have a company expansion into Southern California and are looking for a top San Diego solar company – you’ve found it.

EV Charger Installation

Electric cars are becoming more popular as more new EV models hit the market. Because of this, more San Diego homeowners are looking for a company to instal a home EV charging station. Often the EV owner only wants a dedicated 440-volt outlet for their EV charger, and HES Solar is happy to build that into their home whether the house has a solar system or not. HES Solar will turn your garage into an EV fast charging station. 

Businesses are finding several benefits to providing EV charging at the workplace. It’s a great way to retain top talent; thus it’s also a great way to attract new talent. Businesses can regulate EV charger use and provide charge time as an employee incentive. Some locations can provide public access (paid, not free charging) and turn their parking area into a revenue generator. You knew solar could generate savings, but charge a public EV station with commercial solar and it suddenly generates direct revenue. 

EV charging is likely to grow, so even if you aren’t looking for solar, consider HES Solar as a new option to find an EV station installer. Of course, powering a home or commercial EV station with solar means you’ll power your electric car with the sun. Once you find your new EV, look to HES Solar for all your fast-charging needs.

Find your new solar company

If you just moved from a home in another area with solar to a San Diego home without solar, you’re surely looking to find a new solar company in San Diego County. Whether you’re down south in Imperial Beach, out east in beautiful Alpine, or up in North County neighborhoods like Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos, and Carlsbad we are your go-to energy partner for all things home and commercial solar, energy storage, EV chargers, and general electrical upgrades. 

Find your new solar company in San Diego
HES Solar is ready for all your solar or home energy needs.

Most of our new customers don’t find us, we’re recommended to them. We get a huge part of our new customers through referrals from happy customers who don’t want their family and friends to have to find a new solar company through just guesswork. In fact, we have a wonderful solar referral program that allows our happy customers to spread the word to help anyone looking for a solar company in San Diego. The referrer gets a nice bonus to add to their energy cost savings they’re reaping from their own solar panels.

New Solar Company in New Southern California Territories

We get recommended a lot, therefore our territory is growing. We’re now active with home solar installation projects up into Orange County and Riverside County. If you know a friend trying to find a new solar company up north, HES Solar might now be an available option for them. 

Our commercial jobs already take us far from our Mission Valley headquarters. We’re active on projects out in Indio, have brought commercial renewable energy to buildings and communities up in Orange and Los Angeles County, and have more projects lined up for next year to bring solar to more great California areas. Some commercial solar companies may work over larger territories. We prefer to stay in California; we know the regulations perfectly, have an outstanding reputation, and our installation crews like the shorter drives…

That’s because we use full-time, HES Solar employees for all of our work. Solar panel installation, energy storage installation, EV charger work, and all service is done by our full-time, highly-trained employees. We do subcontract out for specialty work, therefore we would use a subcontractor for roofing (if needed), trenching, and stucco and paint matching. We have excellent, long-standing relationships with these contractors and take every step to ensure everything is done properly, to code, and with the customer’s full understanding and approval. These subcontracted assignments are rare. We take great pride in our company culture, retaining a skilled and efficient workforce, and delivering the best installation of the best equipment available anywhere.

Highest Quality Solar Company

We’re careful to keep all of our quality and customer satisfaction at their top levels as we grow. That’s why we’re pacing our growth. We could stretch to grow more quickly, but we won’t sacrifice the finished product and the excellent customer experience we have delivered for our twenty years as a top solar company in San Diego. We’re not a new solar company, but we treat every job like it’s our most important as we reach further across Southern California. 

Our best quality and highest customer satisfaction is evident in our five star Google and Yelp reviews. Our customers start their journey to energy independence on the right foot. Starting with a five star solar company kicks off decades of lower electric bills the right way. 

HES Solar began with the purpose to put energy production and cost management into the hands of the people of California. We’re still doing that, twenty years later. You can find a new solar company if you’re ready to go solar, or you can put your trust in a proven group. HES Solar is your perfect energy partner for your home or business. We hope you receive the many benefits of renewable energy, and we hope we can help as you find out about all the great options available under the sun.


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We are a San Diego-based solar energy production and energy storage installation company. We have been an energy innovator since 2001 and can handle projects from solar-only arrays to micro-grid solar and storage systems with on-site EV charging stations. 

If you’re looking into the benefits of on-site energy production, energy storage, or EV Charging capability, we’d love to speak with you. We’ll show you how to lower and stabilize energy costs, receive the maximum incentives, open new revenue streams, and gain control over one of the largest expenses of your business or commercial property. 

Click here to be contacted by an HES Renewables representative, or simply dial us at 866-HES-RNEW (866-437-7639).

Robert Laverty

Senior Energy Consultant, Residential

Robert Laverty joined the HES team in the summer of 2018, bringing his ten years of solar design experience and his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Puget Sound with him. Robert is dedicated to finding solutions to help families produce and store electricity in order to reduce their reliance on grid power as well as help reduce their household’s carbon footprint. Robert’s experience as a newspaper editor as well as his involvement with the sustainability-focused Rocky Mountain Institute drives him to constantly seek out innovative ways to meet energy needs through renewable resources as well as helps him share those ideas with Southern California homeowners. When not at work or volunteering time with his church or community, Robert spends time with his wife and two sons or pursues his passion of fly fishing.

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